Peacock Paintings & Drawings

I love drawing and painting animals. They remind me of how many beautiful and majestic things we get to share this earth with.

Of all of my animal artworks, my peacock art is by far my favorite! I just love how the colors look amazing together, not matter what medium I portray them in!

Here is some of my favorite peacock artwork. If you want to see more artwork, I encourage you to check out my Art Gallery.

Peacock Drawings & Paintings

Peacock Sketch

My First Peacock Sketch


Date: January 17, 2021

This was a very rough first sketch. I wanted to get an overall sense of the different shapes and textures of the bird and get a feel for which parts I expect to be the most challenging.

Peacock Sketchbook Drawing in Colored Pencil


Date: January 19, 2021

I drew this with my Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. They are my favorite drawing medium because of the level of control I have over details.

This is the first time I ever really paid attention to how different each type of feather is. We are all familiar with the unique train of a male peacock, but I never realized how many other colors and textures actually frame the tail!

Peacock Sketch 2 of 100
Peacock Sketch 3 of 100

Peacock Tail Pencil Sketch


Date: January 21, 2021

I find that drawing a picture in grey-scale is much more difficult for me than drawing in full color.

I know its a mental thing: greys feel monotonous and, if I’m honest, a bit boring. (I know some with disagree with me on this, and if you LOVE drawing in gray-scale, that’s awesome.)

But drawing in pencil forces me to look at values and shape rather than being mesmerized by the vibrant colors, and it helps me develop my skills as an artist, so its a necessary part of the process.

Peacock Marker Drawing


Date: January 28, 2021

I drew this peacock using Arteza Real Brushpens. They are a water-soluble ink medium that gives very vibrant color to an art piece. 

I love the color in this one, however, I had a hard time with the shapes of the individual feathers in the plumage. I think the problem is that I forget to look at the photo and really see what the fronds are doing after the “eye” of the feather. It lets me know that i need more practice on drawing individual feathers.

Peacock Sketch 4 of 100
Peacock Sketch 5 of 100

Peacock Art in Watercolor


Date: January 30, 2021

I painted this peacock with Prima Watercolor.

The painting took over 3 hours to complete, but I just love the feel of the piece. I posted a time-lapse video of my full painting process on YouTube. You can check it out below:

Peacock Feather Sketch

Date: February 11, 2021

I focused on an individual feather this time because I realized that I tend to rush through them when I’m drawing the full bird.

There are so many feathers with so many fronds and I lose focus on the details after a while. Practicing on a single feather helps me understand the motion of the fronds a bit better and I’m hoping it will make the process easier when I’m working on the full tail again

Peacock Head Drawing

Date: March 13, 2021

Peacock head in Arteza Real Brush Pens and Prismacolor colored pencils.

Love the color intensity of these pens, but I don’t feel like I have quite as much control as I would like. The color bleeds slightly, which is great for blending, but not ideal for small details like the nostrils and iris of the bird.

I do feel as though I learn something new with every drawing. The feathers on the head are not as monochromatic as they look from afar. There are several colors that blend together.

Tired Peacock Drawing

Date: March 19, 2021

Resting Peacock in Prismacolor colored pencil.

It’s amazing how many colors go into drawing a Peacock. You would think its mostly blue and green, maybe with a touch of black for the beak and shadows. In reality, I used 12 different colored pencils to draw this Peacock, and if he had been bigger, I probably would have needed even more shades to get the details right.

This is why art is amazing. We think we see the world as it is, but artists have to look a little closer and appreciate the details.

My First Peacock Oil Painting

Date: April 27, 2021

This was my first ever oil painting and I learned so much!

Oil differs greatly from watercolor in how it mixes and layers. I probably should have done one more layer to smooth out the details, but I wasn’t fully prepared for the drying time that oil required. 

In the end, I decided to leave the details of the painting as is because I feel like it looks very different from other paintings that I have done and I love the character this piece has.

Regal Peacock in Colored Pencil

Date: May 3, 2021

Peacock on a Pedestal in colored pencil

This drawing took up most of my day, but I am so proud of it! I used Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils on Strathmore colored pencil paper.

I started with the columns and pedestal and tried to give them a rougher stone look. The peacock took the most time. I started with a thin layer of color over each section of the bird and then filled in the details. 

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